We have seen a lot of questions about car wax and paint sealant. Most of the people want to know which the differences between both types are. Which product provides better protection and what should you choose?

In this post, we will answer all of these questions and show you how to use the best car paint sealant and wax to keep your vehicle in its best condition.

Carnauba or natural car wax

Natural car wax is basically made from a substance known as the Carnauba, which is rock-hard and needs to be combined with other elements such as petroleum, naphtha, and oils before being used on the vehicle.

Wax is often graded based on its origin, purity, and color. Plants from Brazil are generally seen to be the one with the highest quality and generate the most pure wax, which is used widely by many industries. The Carnauba wax often comes in either liquid or paste form.


  • Carnauba wax is used widely by a lot of car owners as it provides your car with a rich, warm, deep shine and helps to hide minor swirls.
  • It would bring out the car’s color, which looks like 3-D glow.
  • This type would be able to protect the vehicle from UV rays, oxidation, humidity, and heat.
  • Natural wax would slow down some negative effects of environmental contaminants such as sap, toxic bugs, and bird droppings.
  • Because it is put on top of the car’s paint, natural wax does not require any time for curing.


  • Natural wax does not last long as synthetic type.

Paint sealant or synthetic car wax

Synthetic car wax or paint sealant is a man-made product, which is generated in the laboratory out of many different synthetic particles.

The main difference between natural wax and paint is probably the durability. The paint sealant would last from 4 to 6 months to protect the paint of your car from contamination and UV rays, while the natural wax often disappears after several weeks. For car owners who does not have enough time to detail each month but still want their vehicles to have a layer of paint protection, then paint sealant would be a perfect choice. In general, this type often comes in liquid form and very simple to use.


  • Paint sealant generates a durable shell around the paint of your car, which gives it a showroom, slick, and glossy shine.
  • It lasts much longer than the natural wax, which would be from 4 to 6 months.
  • It is really easy to use.
  • It resists to moister, salt, UV rays, and contamination.
  • A perfect choice for busy owners who do not have enough time to upkeep every month.


  • As sealant forms a bond with the paint of your car, it needs some time of curing after application.

Which type is better?

When considering between synthetic sealant and natural wax, you should always decide what is more necessary for your need, the long durability but shiny finish, or deep shine but frequent maintenance. In general, both of the versions offers a great protection for the paint of your car if used correctly and normally.

Some car owners often choose to use both, first apply a paint sealant and then use a thin layer of natural wax on the top. By doing this, they would maximize the protection and get a beautiful glow of the car’s paint. And even when you do not re-apply the Carnauba wax after a month, the pain of your car would be still protected by the layer of paint sealant.

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